A and E for me. Yep, Stupid me

On 29th August I came home and within 10 minutes I’d be doubled up on the floor, Yep, A and E for me. Let me tell you what happened and you can either laugh or cry.

I’ve been out and about on Friday and Saturday as it should have been Manchester pride this weekend. As it was canceled I have been out and about trying to celebrate things as best I can but had to call home to pick up things and change clothes.

On getting home, I put the kettle on and then go running upstairs in 4 inch high heels, I’m 6’4 in them and I twatted my head on the stairs ceiling return. Nothing major in that as I’ve done it before and it hurts like hell, but Saturday was different as I had my sunglasses on top of my head. Things went blank for a few seconds before i pick myself up off the floor and then feel the warm trickle of blood as it ran down my forehead.

Straight in the bathroom, damp towel on my head. Still a bit dizzy. I take the towel off my head and can quite clearly see blood quozing out of my head. So back on with the towel.

Bit of pressure and more water and within about 30 minutes I’ve managed to slow the bleeding but its still bleeding. I can clearly see about a 1 and a half-inch gash in my head and I know from experience its gonna need medical treatment. Off to A and E for me.

Long story short, because of COVID A&E is now a pretty slick operation and I’m in, seen, sorted, and out the door in just 45 minutes.

The wound did require attention and because they try not to stitch your head anymore I am now rocking a blob of surgical superglue in my head on top of a lump.

Lesson learned. Plans are afoot to lower the stairs or raise the ceiling of the stairs.

One just doesn’t take her heels off to run upstairs darlings 😀

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