A look inside Woolton Hall

On the 6th September I was lucyk enough to take part in a photoshoot with Born UK at Woolton Hall near Speke, Liverpool.

This was a photo shoot with professional Make up artists and Photographers and as soon as I have the pro photos i’ll post them up. Heres some of my selfies.

For those that don’t know Born UK is run by Paul Heaton and a makeup artist rom North Manchester and he holds these days occasionally for Trans people and Cross dressers so they can look amazing and be photographed in different surroundings.

Woolton hall used to be a stately home and at one time I am sure the place was amazing as despite the decay you can see the spendor of the venue with its amazing staircases, candaliers, oak panelled walls and amazing ceiling decoration. Apparently done by Robert Adam who would probably  be turning in his grave if he saw the place today. This Grade 1 listed building is in a state of disrepair as its been empty for a number of years and its been broken into, vandalised and has numerous amounts of environmental damage. So much so that its new residents are the pigeons which have come in through the holes in the broken windows and numerous holes in the roof.

I have put a youtube video below which was taken in 2015 so you can see how much the hall has decayed in the past  years.

The photos I have taken are in no particular order and I have tried to give a brief description for each. I also didn’t take pictures in every room as they were very dark and the flash on my camera isn’t enough to fill such large spaces.

The photoshoot was amazing, and the makeup artists and photographers were great and I will post pictures up in the future.

Images of inside Woolton Hall, Sept 2020

YouTube Video from 2015

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