Botallack Crowns, Mine building at Botallack, Cornwall

Botallack Crowns, Mine building at Botallack, Cornwall

Below are 2 images of the Botallack Crowns Mine at Botallack, near St Just in Cornwall. The first image was taken in October 2020 and the second image, Photography unknown, was taken circa 1860’s and shows the mine in its hayday.

For those that dont know the Botallack Crowns Mine at Botallack are Cornish Tim Mines, the Building on the left housed a pumping engine which removed water from the mine, while the building on the right housed a lifting engine which was used to bring materials and transport men in and out of the mine,

These days the buildings stand on the edge of the cliffs defiant at whatever weather the Celtic Sea can throw at them and on the days I was there in October there were 40-50mph winds and I have been there before when its been to windy to hold a camera to take pictures of waves rising over the higher of the two buildings.

The second image shows all the workings and buildings which were on the site in the mines hayday and shows just how extensive these buildings were. This photo is available at Geevor mine. If you are interested in Tin Mining or mining heritage in Cornwall it is well worth a visit.

Botallack Crowns Mine
Original Photographer unknown

Location Map

Photo date: 1st October 2020

Photography copyright: Mikki Tiamo / Unknown

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