Manchester Pride

My thoughts on the postponement of Manchester Pride 2020

Just let me say before I even start my rant that I am hyper, hyper pissed off that this has been cancelled but taking my selfish hat off I realise that with the current situation with Coronavirus the event can’t go ahead. I know its such a shame but hopefully I can get everything i’ve paid for to roll over to next years event?

When we started the Coronavirus lockdown my initial thoughts weren’t “Oh I hope everybody is going to be ok”. No, they were fuck this is going to seriously screwed up my social calendar. Selfish I know but sometimes I do only think about me.

On the first week of lockdown a number of events I was planning on attending in May and June were cancelled straight away and my biggest concern about the speed they cancelled these major events was are they going to cancel Manchester Pride 2020.

I’ve joined lots of social media groups, information pages, Instagram and news feeds despirate for news of events, cancellations or event just a little snippet of news about events and mainly Manchester Pride.

Come 11th May and the people who run Manchester Pride announce the postponement of the Manchester Pride 2020 event (cry)

My initial reaction was, noooooo, and I admit I burst into tears but then I read the announcement and I understand where the organisers are coming from with the Coronavirus situation.

While I am incredibly sad as it’s an amazing LGBT event I don’t want to maybe die for a weekend of fun and frivolity.

Well not from a virus anyway!

My tickets roll over to the 2021 event automatically so that tickets taken care of but it’s all the other stuff I have to now rearrange as I’d already booked, beauticians, waxing, nails, hair, hotels, train tickets, and a few other things.

If you don’t see me in a week send a search party as I’ll be emailing, phoning or sending smoke signals

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