Northern Quarter

Red Lion Street mural, Fantasy Mural

Red Lion Street Mural, off Church Street A massive mural which spans the entire side of the building and is 4 stories high. This mural on the side of Tattitude/Vape Lounge and depicts two futuristic semi naked women and several people smoking. Its semi obscured by the fire escape and hasnt been maintained for quite [...]

Hilton House, Port Street, Northern Quarter

Hilton House, Port Street in Manchesters Northern Quarter Like many of the mural locations in Manchester, Hilton House is one of the many location which has a changing mural. This is the third I think. Port Street is located behind Newton street and if you walk away from Piccadilly gardens down Newton street, Port street [...]

Portrait of Ste Wing by the artist Akse

Portrait of Ste Wing by the artist Akse, Little Lever Street, Northern Quarter Portrait of Ste Wing by the artist Akse, done to celebrate their Vietnamese roots and for the 50 Windows of Creativity project. I'm not going to go into great detail on this one as you can find out more information on the [...]

Blue Rabbit, 22 Lever Street

Blue Rabbit, 22 Lever Street A blue rabbit, on a roller shutter door, at 22 Lever Street in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. Along side the rabbit is a little bee, top right corner. 22 Lever Street is located on the corner of Lever Street and Dale Street opposite the Real Camera shop and is [...]

Street art in the Northern Quarter and an anti lockdown protest

Sunday was a funny old day as I went into Manchester to have a walk round and photograph some street art/grraffiti in the Northern Quarter of Manchester and Beyond. It turned out to be a funny old day however. As most of you will know I live in a small village which has a beauty [...]

NHS Nurse Mural

NHS Nurse Mural, Northern Quarter, Manchester The NHS Nurse Mural has only appeared in the past few week and is of an NHS nurse in full PPE equipment and is a tribute to the NHS workers who have worked throughout the Cornavirus pandemic. Text on the mural read: Hold Still A portrait of our nation [...]

Manchester City Mural

Manchester City Mural, Work in progress - 8th November 2020 The Manchester United Mural is no more, the background has been painted grey and on the 8th November 2020 this was the new mural being painted as a work in progress. I dont know what this will be and i'll post a few photos of [...]

Faith47 mural at Ancoats, manchester

Faith 47 Mural, Ancoats, Manchester Faith47 is one of the biggest Murals in Manchester, its 6 stories high! For the Cities of Hopes festival in 2016, which was the first Street Art convention to bring together nine of the worlds best street artists in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. Faith 47 was chosen to support [...]

Birds Mural on Faraday Street, Manchester

Birds Mural, Faraday Street, Manchester on the side of Stage & Radio Perhaps one of the most colourful murals in the Northern Quarter is the Birds mural by Brazilian artist Mateus Bailon. This is located on far end of Faraday Street on the side of Stage & Radio bar. Standing some 4 stories high and [...]

Serenity mural, the red lady mural

Serenity mural, the red Lady Mural, a tribute to women who stand against injustice, I love the red lady mural, which is located behind the Police Museum in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. Its real name is Serenity and its a tribute to women who stand against injustice, which is very apt as its on [...]
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