D day, starting hormones

Today is a milestone. Today is my D day. Today is the day that I start taking feminising hormones. Today is the day I start on hrt (hormone replacement therapy).

I received my prescription from Gender GP last week but because I’ve been running round like a blue arsed fly over the past week, sorting out computer, WiFi and broadband issues for customers reopening, I only managed to collect my drugs yesterday.

There was also a delay in getting my prescription filled as I had to wait for one of the drugs to be ordered. It’s not a stock item. Even now I still don’t have everything I need because it’s on back order.

Order collected. Thank you, Assura Chemist, Macclesfield. Now sat reading the instructions.

After reading all be instructions on how to use the drugs, today will be the first official day taking female hormones.

I know she me might say the 13th is unlucky but I’m not superstitious. It’s just another day and every month has a 13th day!

The drugs I have been provided are Estradiol, which is in a gel form and is rubbed onto the skin and Synarel, which is taken as a nasal spray.

I’ve done lots of research about the drugs that I have been provided and i’ve also researched the side effects plus what to expect while using them.

I’ve also had to rearrange my finances to pay for these drugs but I see that this is a small price to pay considering the alternative is waiting over 4 years to speak to the Gender Identity clinic and this is just to speak to the consultant.

Yes, I’m very excited about this part of my life journey but I am also a little bit sad. Not sad that i’ve had to go down the route I have, but sad because i’ve had to do this on my own with no support from my own doctors and the NHS in general.

So, today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Onwards and upwards.

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