I’m in Facebook jail, Facebook hypocrisy

So new year, new first world problems. I’m in Facebook jail!

My heinous crime against humanity was to take a screenshot of a very dubious Facebook advert. See below.

So there you have it folks, because I reposted this dubious picture which in itself is a Facebook advert for tophatter. Btw I wasn’t looking for this and this is one of the very many dubious adverts I see on Facebook, along with the words WTF? I got sent to Facebook jail.

I don’t agree with this so appealed my decision and I’m still in Facebook jail.

What makes me laugh is:

  • It’s a repost of a Facebook advert
  • It’s doesn’t show nudity or sexual activity
  • It’s okay for Facebook to post this on my feed, what about my standards of taste and decency.
  • The hypocrisy of banning me for reposting Facebook’s own material.
  • It’s been there for nearly 2 months!

Bollocks to your Facebook jail!

Anyway, I really don’t give a shit about Facebook and Facebook jail, as I’ve been using Facebook less and less over the past 12 months and have moved onto other social media platforms. I just thought it was very ironic I got banned for reposting one of their own adverts!

I did try to appeal the ban but because Facebook’s system is automated it doesn’t give a shit because it doesn’t fit their criteria so, ban!

If you want to see how Facebook, Twitter and all these large social media platforms make money then checkout, the Social Dilemma on Netflix. It will definitely open your eyes to free online services and social media.

Facebook jail

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