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I love my home City of Manchester and I go out there quite a lot. Here are some of my days and nights out in the City of Manchester.

Cobra Kai Mural, Northern Quarter, Manchester

Cobra Kai Mural, Northern Quarter, Manchester The NHS Nurse Mural has now been replaced with this Cobra Kai Mural which is an advertisement for a TV program on something called Netflix. No idea what the program is about but i'm betting its some kind of Karate Kid program. The mural is located on the corner [...]

On the sixth day god created Manchester Mosaic

On the sixth day god created Manchester Mosaic The "On the sixth day god created Manchester" mosaic is located on the back of Afflecks on Short Street next door to Crazy Pedro's Pizza. This is inspired by the legendary T-shirt designed by Leo B Stanley On the back of Afflecks Palace, I know its now [...]

Crazy Pedro’s NQ Mural on Short Street behind Afflecks

Crazy Pedro's NQ Mural on Short Street behind Afflecks Behind Afflecks is the Crazy Pedro's NQ Mural on Short Street. This mural like many in the city is a living mural and changes occassionally. The latest incarnation is of the Crazy Pedro's character wearing a Covid mask. As always this is painted on the roller [...]

Manchester’s street art

Nurse Angel mural on High Street, Northern Quarter

Nurse Angel mural on High Street, Northern Quarter Just up the road, High Street from the Thomas Street and High Street there is this beautiful Nurse Angel Mural by @akse_p19 Situated on the right hand side as you walk up High Street, next door to Sweet Mandarin. This is a beautiful piece of work and [...]

Mikkis Manchester street graffiti locations

This is a work in progress and will grow and grow over time. This page is a link, image, and location repository of all the places I’ve photographed around Manchester. Click the little cameras to view the image from this location. As I said, it’s a work in progress as it takes a little time […]

Eastern Bloc Records Cafe, best coffee I’ve had in Manchester

I'm in Manchester again for a meeting this morning and after the meeting I went for a walk round the Northern Quarter to do some street photography and have a spot of lunch with what could possibly be the best coffee i've had in Manchester city centre, probably! This was at Eastern Block Records Cafe [...]

Lass O’ Gowrie pub, Manchester

Lass O' Gowrie pub, Charles Street, Manchester One of the great Free Houses of Manchester city. The Lass O' Gowrie pub, Manchester at 36 Charles Street, Manchester, M1 7DB. Amazing pub with real ale in an olde worlde pub feeling. Love the place and its affectionately known as "The Lass". Location Map Photo date: 20th [...]

Emily Pankhurst Statue, Manchester

Emily Pankhurst Statue, St Peters Square, Manchester The Emily Pankhurst Statue, Manchester is a statue of the late British political activist and leader of the suffragette movement, Emmeline Pankhurst. Located in St Peter's Square, Post Code, M2 3DN. The Statue is located in a corner of St Peter's Square close to Wagamama and The Anthologist [...]

LGBTQ+ Community Bee in Sackville Street Gardens, Manchester

LGBTQ+ Community Bee in Sackville Street Gardens, Manchester The LGBTQ+ bee in Sackville Street gardens in the heart if the gay village in Manchester. Croudfunded and paid for by many local businesses from the Canal street area who's names can be found on the base of the statue. I the background is the statue of [...]

Street art and architecture in the Northern quarter, Manchester

Its the 19th of September I'm in Manchester for the day. and I've done something today which I wanted to do for awhile which is walk around and photographs of the street art and architecture in the Northern quarter, Manchester. Here's some of my pictures from today. I hope you like them?

The weekend which was supposed to be Sparkle 2020 but wasn’t but kinda was

Thanks to the "We're all going to die" Coronavirus lockdown, the Sparkle 2020 annual Sparkle Event for Trans, Non-binary/Genderfluid and Intersex festival, was cancelled. However, because we all isolated and put our sad little lives on hold and didnt die, we're here to tell the tale. On 4th July (so, very apt this being Independance [...]

Manchesters Gay Village awakens

Manchester's Gay Village is getting ready to re-open on the 4th July 2020. I for one will be there when it re-opens. See the places doing work to get themselves ready for the 4th July.

Saturday walk round Manchester city centre

Due to the Coronavirus i've been doing loads of work in Manchester at all hours of the day and this has allowed me to see Manchester in a different light and see what the city has been like while there have been little or no humans in the City. On Saturday I was down on [...]

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