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I love my home City of Manchester and I go out there quite a lot. Here are some of my days and nights out in the City of Manchester.

The Salisbury pub near Oxford Road Station

The Salisbury pub, Manchester is a ale house is located just off Oxford road close to the entrance to Manchester's Oxford Road Train Station. Its a rock and roll themed public house with great atmosphere and The Salisbury pub is well worth a visit even if its just to see inside.

Lass O’ Gowrie pub, Manchester

One of the great Free Houses of Manchester city. The Lass O' Gowrie pub, Manchester at 36 Charles Street, Manchester, M1 7DB. Amazing pub with real ale in an olde worlde pub feeling. Love the place and its affectionately known as "The Lass".

Emily Pankhurst Statue, Manchester

The Emily Pankhurst Statue, Manchester is a statue of the late British political activist and leader of the suffragette movement, Emmeline Pankhurst. Located in St Peter's Square, Post Code, M2 3DN. The Statue is located in a corner of St Peter's Square close to Wagamama and The Anthologist Bar. It is visible from the tram [...]

LGBTQ+ Community Bee in Sackville Street Gardens, Manchester

The LGBTQ+ bee in Sackville Street gardens in the heart if the gay village in Manchester. Croudfunded and paid for by many local businesses from the Canal street area who's names can be found on the base of the statue. I the background is the statue of Alan Turin one of the silent heros of [...]

Street art and architecture in the Northern quarter, Manchester

Its the 19th of September I'm in Manchester for the day. and I've done something today which I wanted to do for awhile which is walk around and photographs of the street art and architecture in the Northern quarter, Manchester. Here's some of my pictures from today. I hope you like them?

The weekend which was supposed to be Sparkle 2020 but wasn’t but kinda was

Thanks to the "We're all going to die" Coronavirus lockdown, the Sparkle 2020 annual Sparkle Event for Trans, Non-binary/Genderfluid and Intersex festival, was cancelled. However, because we all isolated and put our sad little lives on hold and didnt die, we're here to tell the tale. On 4th July (so, very apt this being Independance [...]

Manchesters Gay Village awakens

Manchester's Gay Village is getting ready to re-open on the 4th July 2020. I for one will be there when it re-opens. See the places doing work to get themselves ready for the 4th July.

Saturday walk round Manchester city centre

Due to the Coronavirus i've been doing loads of work in Manchester at all hours of the day and this has allowed me to see Manchester in a different light and see what the city has been like while there have been little or no humans in the City. On Saturday I was down on [...]

A little walk round Manchester

I had to go into Manchester on the 23rd May to drop keys and equipment off at a clients so too full advantage of a walk round the city centre. Its not the first time i've been in there since Coronavirus lockdown but it was still very very quiet around most of the city centre. [...]

Night out in the village and Qwerkmas

Selfie Friday the 13th! is that unlucky? Superstition says so but what the hell, lets go somewhere new, do something new, experience something new on this of all superstitious days. I’d bought tickets to Qwerk as a good friend had said it’s a great night out but first, I decided to have a walk around [...]

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