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The Salisbury pub near Oxford Road Station

The Salisbury pub, Manchester is a ale house is located just off Oxford road close to the entrance to Manchester's Oxford Road Train Station. Its a rock and roll themed public house with great atmosphere and The Salisbury pub is well worth a visit even if its just to see inside.

Lass O’ Gowrie pub, Manchester

One of the great Free Houses of Manchester city. The Lass O' Gowrie pub, Manchester at 36 Charles Street, Manchester, M1 7DB. Amazing pub with real ale in an olde worlde pub feeling. Love the place and its affectionately known as "The Lass".

Emily Pankhurst Statue, Manchester

The Emily Pankhurst Statue, Manchester is a statue of the late British political activist and leader of the suffragette movement, Emmeline Pankhurst. Located in St Peter's Square, Post Code, M2 3DN. The Statue is located in a corner of St Peter's Square close to Wagamama and The Anthologist Bar. It is visible from the tram [...]

LGBTQ+ Community Bee in Sackville Street Gardens, Manchester

The LGBTQ+ bee in Sackville Street gardens in the heart if the gay village in Manchester. Croudfunded and paid for by many local businesses from the Canal street area who's names can be found on the base of the statue. I the background is the statue of Alan Turin one of the silent heros of [...]

All you do is play!

Some people have commented to me in the past couple of days that all I do is play, all I do is go in to Manchester and get drunk. Well unless you know the backstory to my life then firstly “fuck you” and secondly “it’s none of your business, so fuck you”. Thirdly you only […]

Street art and architecture in the Northern quarter, Manchester

Its the 19th of September I'm in Manchester for the day. and I've done something today which I wanted to do for awhile which is walk around and photographs of the street art and architecture in the Northern quarter, Manchester. Here's some of my pictures from today. I hope you like them?

Thank you everyone. Your love is amazing!

On the 8th of September 2020 I told all my friends, old and new, via the medium of Facebook and Youtube, that I was transgender, and I was absolutely overwhelmed by the wonderful comments and messages I have received since. I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you everybody. To […]

Womens Ladies T-strap Buckle Round Toe Block Heel Party PumpS Shoes

Womens Platform Buckle Bowknot High Heel Block Pumps Mary Jane Lolita Shoes Chic These are the comfiest heels I own and i have 3 pairs in Green, Pink and Black. They are lovely and soft leather with a little bow on the top and the strap around the heel. I have litterly walked miles in [...]

Professional Photos from Woolton Hall Photoshoot

Professional photo from Born UK photoshoot day at Woolton Hall near Speke, Liverpool. These are potos of me, Mikki Tiamo.

Selfies from Professional Photoshoot day

These are a selection of the Selfies I took at Woolton Hall on September 6th 2020. I had my makeup done by Vic Marley. Photos

A look inside Woolton Hall

On the 6th September I was lucyk enough to take part in a photoshoot with Born UK at Woolton Hall near Speke, Liverpool. This was a photo shoot with professional Make up artists and Photographers and as soon as I have the pro photos i’ll post them up. Heres some of my selfies. For those […]

A and E for me. Yep, Stupid me

On 29th August I came home and within 10 minutes I’d be doubled up on the floor, Yep, A and E for me. Let me tell you what happened and you can either laugh or cry. I’ve been out and about on Friday and Saturday as it should have been Manchester pride this weekend. As […]

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New Red Nails <3

Been to have my nails done again at Leoko Creative in Stockport and check out my new red nails which I absolutely love their reddy sparkliness or is that sparklyness? Anyway, new red nails. Distreet service is assured as each client is attended to in private and they are Trans/Cross Dresser friendly. Social Media Links [...]

Mums ill!

Yesterday’s phone call from mum was a heart wrenched and has killed me a little inside! This year hasn’t been kind to my family withy father’s death and struggling to get over this with lockdown because of coronavirus. It’s meant we haven’t been able to be together as much and we:be both struggled to get […]

Transgender vs Transexual vs Transvestite

Transgender vs Transexual vs Transvestite I’ve been asked what the difference between these are many times now, so heres a quick definition of each, Transgender vs Transexual vs Transvestite. Transgender Transgender is a gender identity or expression that differs from the sex given at birth but have no desire to transition to the gender they […]

Sunday morning, off to church

A little poem about church. Wakey wakey, It’s Sunday morn, Church bells ring, Service a calling. Rushing now, I’m gonna late, Bells still ring, Passing the gates. Enter church, Dothing my hat, Sit thee down, A happy lass. Sermon starting, Priest speaks aloud, Words of God, Congregation listen, nod. Singing aloud, Godly, pleasant songs, All […]

Leeds night out, 7th August 2020

Woke up this morning and my first thought was, no anxiety for me today. Plus today I’m off for a Leeds night out and get to see my amazing friend, Wendy. Bags are already packed so, throw everything in the car and off to the train station. The plan was to stop at Manchester and […]

ASOS DESIGN Perplex pointed platform stiletto heels in denim

ASOS DESIGN Perplex pointed platform stiletto heels in denim These look fabulous in the blue or the pink but alas not in a size 8.5 or 9! I love the raised sole and slim heel as well as the ankle strap. If anyone knows of a similar shoe in blue contact me as I'd love [...]

New Nails from Leoko Cre8tive in Stockport

Today, 28th July 2020, I had the pleasure of having my nails beautified by Leoko Cre8tive of Stockport and i'm as pleased as punch with the result. Nails as individual as I am, Thank you Leone. As you can see from the photos below they look gorgeous and are created by Leone as she does [...]

The weekend which was supposed to be Sparkle 2020 but wasn’t but kinda was

Thanks to the "We're all going to die" Coronavirus lockdown, the Sparkle 2020 annual Sparkle Event for Trans, Non-binary/Genderfluid and Intersex festival, was cancelled. However, because we all isolated and put our sad little lives on hold and didnt die, we're here to tell the tale. On 4th July (so, very apt this being Independance [...]

Dont care what you think about me

I don’t care what you think about me. Or your perception, of what you think I might be. I don’t care if you think that I’m weird. I don’t care if you think I am strange. Because what you don’t see, is the mental anguish and pain. All the bitterness of whats inside, thats made […]

My Weight Loss Journey

This is my weight loss journey. My weights at various times along with what i’ve been doing and how its affecting me. Starting weight: 20 stone 4 lbs (August 2019) Current weight: 16 stone 8 lbs (13th September 2020) Argh! its gone up. Still I have eaten like a pig the past few weeks Target […]

Manchesters Gay Village awakens

Manchester's Gay Village is getting ready to re-open on the 4th July 2020. I for one will be there when it re-opens. See the places doing work to get themselves ready for the 4th July.

Joe Browns Mary Jane Something Blue Bridal Shoes

Joe Browns Mary Jane Something Blue Bridal Shoes These Mary Jane Court Shoes from Joe Browns will go with every single outfit. They also make the perfect wedding shoes. The scalloped edging adds the something blue to finish off your outfit. I love the colour of these in white with the sky blue heels and [...]

Self support stockings review (holdups)

This is just a quick review of some self support stockings (Holdups) I’ve purchased recently from, Tights City and I just wanted to let you know how good these stockings actually are, and for the price I havent found anything which comes close to these for quality, price and support. These stockings from Tights City […]

Saturday walk round Manchester city centre

Due to the Coronavirus i've been doing loads of work in Manchester at all hours of the day and this has allowed me to see Manchester in a different light and see what the city has been like while there have been little or no humans in the City. On Saturday I was down on [...]

A little walk round Manchester

I had to go into Manchester on the 23rd May to drop keys and equipment off at a clients so too full advantage of a walk round the city centre. Its not the first time i've been in there since Coronavirus lockdown but it was still very very quiet around most of the city centre. [...]

Bowknot T-strap Platform with Thick Heel Mary Jane Pump Shoes

Okay, I admit it I bought these because i've got 2 pairs of these Bowtie High Heels Pumps Ankle Strap Shoes but secretly wanted the Red ones. I ordered them at the start of May from Ebay and they took just over 3 weeks to arrive. Initial reaction is "Wow, these are shiny" and they [...]

My thoughts on the postponement of Manchester Pride 2020

Just let me say before I even start my rant that I am hyper, hyper pissed off that this has been cancelled but taking my selfish hat off I realise that with the current situation with Coronavirus the event can’t go ahead. I know its such a shame but hopefully I can get everything i’ve […]

Why do you treat me so bad

This was written as a quick poem to a woman I once loved. Why do you treat me so bad Although I love you like mad, All you do is treat me bad, And every single word you say, Is like a knife which takes away, My heart and soul, the life in me, Eroded […]

Happier now I’ve embraced Mikki

At Manchester Pride 2019 I had my born again experience and I wanted to write about it as it’s fundamentally changed my life. First this was for the worst and secondly for the better. Let me explain what happened and then why it changed my life and how it has fundentally changed me as a […]

The Majesty of a night out

When I go out, out I love how it makes me feel and wanted to put down in words how does it feel getting dressed up to go on a night out? How does it feel to get dressed up as your alter ego to go on a night out? For me the majesty of […]

Friday night in

Its Friday and I was supposed to be going out tonight to Leeds, however the event is cancelled and i'm at home self isolating. So... What do you do? You get up, shave your legs, iron your best dress, put on your face, dig out a new pair of stockings, get dressed and go out [...]

Womens Bowtie High Heels Pumps Ankle Strap Shoes

The Womens Bowtie High Heels Pumps Ankle Strap Shoes are still available in different colours apart from Red. I'd like to thank my friend Kim for buying these for me. You got the last pair of red ones you lucky sod, but I love these Peach ones. Can't wait to wear these out and about [...]

Coming out to my mum

One of the people that I really struggled coming out to was coming out to my mum. This was the hardest person to express my feelings too for no other reason that I absolutely adore my mum even though sometimes she drives me up he wall. I am my mother’s son and I think we […]

Emma Dress Dot Pink from

Emma Dress Dot Pink from 1950's style Emma Dress and "Holy Moley", this is stunning!!!! I'd love to own this beautiful Pink dress with white Polka dots, hell! I'd settle just walking down the street with anyone in this dress. Its bloody gorgeous. Alas not in my size 🙁 Cry, Cry. Not in my [...]

Metaphorically dead, red wine

My brain is a factory of doubt and ill reason, Still love you inside, not together there’s a reason, I can’t see things in just black and white, You make me argue, bicker and fight. Although I still love you, we must stay apart, Something deep down means I’m better inside of my heart, When […]

50s VTG Pinup Hepburn Rockabilly Business Parka Swing Wrap Dress

Maggie Tang 50s VTG Pinup Hepburn Rockabilly Business Parka Swing Wrap Dress Yes another 1950's polka dot dress. Nice and simple design but the shape is great. Biggest petticoat on for this one darlings. If anyone wants to buy me this, then the red or black one please darling. Thanks to Becky for buying me [...]

1950s Vintage Dress Style Floral Print Summer Cherry Rockabilly Women Party Dress

1950s Vintage Dress Style Floral Print Summer Cherry Rockabilly Women Party Dress That colour of blue goes great with the red cherry print on this dress. I also love the cut around the neckline and the shoulder straps. I also love the outfit the model is wearing, the red shoes and the stockings with the [...]

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