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To pee or not to pee, that is the question?

To pee or not to pee that is the question? What do you do as a trans person when you need the toilet? As a transwoman, I will always take the option of the female toilets over the male as outwardly I am female. For nearly 2 years I have lived my life as a […]

Disappointed at my Doctors

After my conversation with doctors on the 11/03/21, I've come to the conclusion that either my Doctor has forgot about me, I am not worthy of their time or their hands are tied somewhere along the lines and can't help me. Over a month ago I had a conversation with them about using private services, [...]

D day, starting hormones

Today is a milestone. Today is my D day. Today is the day that I start taking feminising hormones. Today is the day I start on hrt (hormone replacement therapy). I received my prescription from Gender GP last week but because I’ve been running round like a blue arsed fly over the past week, sorting […]

Amazon Wish List

Hey, my lovely followers. Below is my Amazon Wish list. A list of things i’ve found while surfing the world of Amazon. If you’d like to purchase any of these items i’d be grateful and if clothing or shoes, pictures will be forthcoming. In private at first and then on my website. View my Amazon […]

Captain Sir Tom Moore mural by Akse-p19

Captain Sir Tom Moore mural by Akse-p19 I must say I personally think the Captain Sir Tom Moore mural is one of the best things I've seen sprayed on a wall in Manchester and there are some pretty amazing images areound the city and the Northern Quarter. Painted by Akse-p19 on the corner of Tib [...]

Gender Journey #1, Private Consultation with Gender GP

After dealing with the NHS and my Doctors, I’m done. So I’ve decided to go private and chose Gender GP as my private service of choice. This is my experience, or should that be experiences? as no doubt, there will be many more posts about Gender GP as my journey continues. On 1st March 2021, […]

I hate being hairy

I am hairy and I hate being hairy. I really do and always have done and it's one of my biggest body dysphoria issues. Hairy legs, arms, back and chest along with a hairy backside 🙁 It's bothered me all my adult life and I spend lots of time and effort in removing it. Shaving, [...]

You never know who you’ll meet on a dog walk

I was working in central Manchester today and took, my dog, Chante with me and, we went for a walk around the city center after I'd finished work. As the city is very quiet I had Chante off the lead and as I walked down Portland Street a lady approached me and said "hello" and [...]

Dealing with my doctors, 11/03/21

After the elation of the weekend and speaking to GenderGP today has been a massive depression after dealing with my doctors. It has left me crying my eyes out and more depressed than for many years. The conversation with my GP today has reaffirmed my opinion that the NHS does not want to or are […]

NHS waiting lists, expect them to get longer

I want to put my thoughts on NHS waiting lists out there for folks to comment on. What I'm seeing personally and with friends and family really worries me. It's March 2021 and we're still being told to "Stay at home, Save lives, Protect the NHS". That's all well and good as the NHS fights [...]

Religion and why I’m done with it and people who spout it

I hear many times, mainly from religious types, that what you are doing is wrong? Do you mean legally or morally in the eyes of some almighty god? Well wrong in the eyes of your god obviously! If you’re going to ask me this question you better have a good answer to back up your […]

I’m a serial apologiser, I’m sorry

I am a serial apologiser, I’m sorry I just can’t help myself saying sorry. Maybe it’s my upbringing or the fact that I was once married to another serial apologiser or maybe its because I’m a shit human being? It might just be that I think everything is my fault? I really can’t help myself […]

Mikki’s Favourite Rave Tunes Play List

I admit it. I'm a raver, was in the past and still am now. So here's Mikki's Favourite Rave Tunes Play List on that there YouTube thingie. Tunes in my play list in no particular order, some you might like, some you might not!   Mikki's Favourite Rave Tunes Play List Go straight to the [...]

Cobra Kai Mural, Northern Quarter, Manchester

Cobra Kai Mural, Northern Quarter, Manchester The NHS Nurse Mural has now been replaced with this Cobra Kai Mural which is an advertisement for a TV program on something called Netflix. No idea what the program is about but i'm betting its some kind of Karate Kid program. The mural is located on the corner [...]

On the sixth day god created Manchester Mosaic

On the sixth day god created Manchester Mosaic The "On the sixth day god created Manchester" mosaic is located on the back of Afflecks on Short Street next door to Crazy Pedro's Pizza. This is inspired by the legendary T-shirt designed by Leo B Stanley On the back of Afflecks Palace, I know its now [...]

Crazy Pedro’s NQ Mural on Short Street behind Afflecks

Crazy Pedro's NQ Mural on Short Street behind Afflecks Behind Afflecks is the Crazy Pedro's NQ Mural on Short Street. This mural like many in the city is a living mural and changes occassionally. The latest incarnation is of the Crazy Pedro's character wearing a Covid mask. As always this is painted on the roller [...]

Today has reaffirmed my decision

Today has reaffirmed my decision to transition in my life. It’s been an enlightening day, especially in the sea of negativity and depression we’re all tied into with Coronabollocks. I’ve had four appointments today and I’ve actually spoken to lots of people today in person and online. I’ve had proper conversations with them, which is […]

Manchester’s street art

Here's a gallery of some of the pictures I've taken over the past 12 months on walks around the city center of Manchesters street art.

Collectif Mainline Winona Pencil Dress

I like Collectif as they have some really nice clothing, some really nice designs and this Collectif Mainline Winona Pencil Dress caught my eye and I had to buy it. This looks amazing on and is defintely my new go to work meeting dress, love it! In general the stuff i've bought from Collectif has [...]

Anxiety again

Anxiety again, doing my head in. Cant be myself, Stepping backward again, Because, I can't be, the real me, A dose of anxiety as bad as can be. Working away, 2 weeks, 10 hours a day, Work environment says, no heels, no make-up, Can't even call myself by my name, resort to my dead name, [...]

Dating, I Really don’t want anyone

I've been thinking a lot recently about relationships and I've come to my own conclusion, I really don’t want anyone! No more relationships. Seriously, I must be a magnet for fucked up arseholes. Okay, I ain't no saint and I admit I have my own problems but some of the people I've been chatting to [...]

I’m in Facebook jail, Facebook hypocrisy

So new year, new first world problems. I’m in Facebook jail! My heinous crime against humanity was to take a screenshot of a very dubious Facebook advert. See below. So there you have it folks, because I reposted this dubious picture which in itself is a Facebook advert for tophatter. Btw I wasn’t looking for […]

Wishing you all a Happy New Year

Its New years eve and after the wet fart that was Christmas, with Covid lockdown 4.0 (or whatever number it is now), I’d like to have a good one. But alas we’ve been placed in tier 4 despite this area having a very low infection rate! So bollocks to Boris, I’m off out tonight. I […]

Purple nails by Simply Bliss in Macclesfield

Christmas time, new nails time, children singing.... oh forget it. Its Christmas time and I want to look good for the festive period, even though i'll be spending the majority of the christmas on my own. I've had my hair done, been for a waxing and got my nails done. Check out these purplely, sparkley [...]

Sparkly red high heels

These shiny sparkly red high heels are my ultimate confidence builders and I wore a pair of these to Pride 2019. I lost that pair so had to buy another pair and I have worn these on my occassions at events and nights out. Whereever i've worn these they have drawn attention and on a [...]

Nurse Angel mural on High Street, Northern Quarter

Nurse Angel mural on High Street, Northern Quarter Just up the road, High Street from the Thomas Street and High Street there is this beautiful Nurse Angel Mural by @akse_p19 Situated on the right hand side as you walk up High Street, next door to Sweet Mandarin. This is a beautiful piece of work and [...]

Disappointed with Doctors

It’s 6:30am and I’m wide awake because I am still so angry at what happened yesterday with my GP. Yesterday at 4pm I get a phone call.from my doctors and because I was on another call I phoned them back. Ring ring “Hello doctors surgery” Yes I’m returning your call. Someone from the surgery called […]

New Manchester City Mural

New Manchester City Mural on Thomas St/High Street junction, Manchester At the corner of Thomas Street and High Street there are two new murals. The first is the new Manchester City mural (Which is actually a Playstation game advert, Fifa 2021) and a new Burberry mural. The Manchester City mural replaces the NHS Nurse Mural. [...]

What’s it feel like to be transgender

Feels like your shoes are on the wrong feet. You’ve always been dressed that way, from birth. Every time you’ve complained about your feet hurting, everyone tells you that you’re fine, “don’t be silly”. You put some shoes on the right way, and it feels great, a huge relief, but you know that everyone thinks […]

Why cant you be yourself?

Why can't you be yourself? Be unique? Why does everybody think that we need to conform? To all be the same? To be drones? To all look the same? Dress the same? To even think the same way? Surely one of the main things about being human is that we are all individuals, then if, [...]

Roman Originals 20% discount code

Roman Originals 20% discount code. Shop with Mikki I love Roman clothes and I have more of their dresses than I care to admit and also more than any other brand. There is just something about their clothes which appeal to me and my dress sense. Below are a few of the dresses I own [...]

Dealing with banks

After today’s marathon phone fest calling numerous Banks I can really understand why the elderly get very frustrated with modern technology and dealing with the banks. Today I’ve been helping my mother sort out the last few issues with the banks and insurance companies after my father’s death in March. Yes, in March and I […]

Red Lion Street mural, Fantasy Mural

Red Lion Street Mural, off Church Street A massive mural which spans the entire side of the building and is 4 stories high. This mural on the side of Tattitude/Vape Lounge and depicts two futuristic semi naked women and several people smoking. Its semi obscured by the fire escape and hasnt been maintained for quite [...]

Hilton House, Port Street, Northern Quarter

Hilton House, Port Street in Manchesters Northern Quarter Like many of the mural locations in Manchester, Hilton House is one of the many location which has a changing mural. This is the third I think. Port Street is located behind Newton street and if you walk away from Piccadilly gardens down Newton street, Port street [...]

Mikki’s Wish List

Welcome to Mikki's wish list page. Here you will find a list of things from Shoes to Makeup to Dresses and even Automotive and lifestyle items than I would like in my life. Ebay Ladies Womens Court Shoes Mid Heel Rose Floral Couture Slip On Size Color: Natural Size: UK9 £34.99 Ladies Block Chunky Heel [...]

COLLUSION denim corset dress in ecru from Asos

COLLUSION denim corset dress in ecru from ASOS I love this Collusion denim corset dress, the contrast of the large buttons on the white denim and have already ordered this, so we'll see what its like when it arrives from ASOS. Love this outfit the model is wearing but alas I dont think those boots [...]

Portrait of Ste Wing by the artist Akse

Portrait of Ste Wing by the artist Akse, Little Lever Street, Northern Quarter Portrait of Ste Wing by the artist Akse, done to celebrate their Vietnamese roots and for the 50 Windows of Creativity project. I'm not going to go into great detail on this one as you can find out more information on the [...]

Blue Rabbit, 22 Lever Street

Blue Rabbit, 22 Lever Street A blue rabbit, on a roller shutter door, at 22 Lever Street in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. Along side the rabbit is a little bee, top right corner. 22 Lever Street is located on the corner of Lever Street and Dale Street opposite the Real Camera shop and is [...]

Street art in the Northern Quarter and an anti lockdown protest

Sunday was a funny old day as I went into Manchester to have a walk round and photograph some street art/grraffiti in the Northern Quarter of Manchester and Beyond. It turned out to be a funny old day however. As most of you will know I live in a small village which has a beauty [...]

NHS Nurse Mural

NHS Nurse Mural, Northern Quarter, Manchester The NHS Nurse Mural has only appeared in the past few week and is of an NHS nurse in full PPE equipment and is a tribute to the NHS workers who have worked throughout the Cornavirus pandemic. Text on the mural read: Hold Still A portrait of our nation [...]

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