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Examples of my photography taken on my travels. Hope you like, if so leave a comment.

Botallack Crowns, Mine building at Botallack, Cornwall

Botallack Crowns, Mine building at Botallack, Cornwall Below are 2 images of the Botallack Crowns Mine at Botallack, near St Just in Cornwall. The first image was taken in October 2020 and the second image, Photography unknown, was taken circa 1860's and shows the mine in its hayday. For those that dont know the Botallack [...]

St Michaels Mount, Marazion, Cornwall

St Michaels Mount, Marazion, Cornwall I go to Cornwall a lot as its my soul food place and one of the place I like to visit is St Michaels Mount, Marazion. For those who don't know, St Michaels Mount is tidal island in Mounts Bay at Marazion, close to Penzance. At low tide a causeway [...]

Scillonian 3, the Sciliy isles ferry

Scillonian 3, the Sciliy isles ferry from Penzance to St Mary's Picture if the Scillonian 3 ferry which is the main Sciliy isles passenger ferry from Penzance to St Mary's I'm the Sciliy isles. Hee she is in Penzance harbour sat on the bottom at low tide. There were 50mph winds a choppy seas on [...]

Mahatma Gandhi Statue, Manchester

Mahatma Gandhi Statue, Manchester. Near Manchester Cathedral Somewhere i've been meaning to visit for a while is the Mahatma Gandhi Statue in Manchester. Located near Manchester Cathedral the 9ft tall statue of Mahatma Gandhi was unveiled in November 2019. Its very rare I go to this end of the city but on the 19th September [...]

Swan Building murals, Manchester

Mural on Swan Building, Cable Street, Manchester, M4 5JW The Swan Builidng on Cable Street is home to a series of Managed offices but it is also home to 2 of the best and largest murals in the city of Manchester. The bottle mural is located on one end of the building (Cross Keys street) [...]

Excuse my Depression, it has a mind of its own

Excuse my Depression, it has a mind of its own Street Art I love to walk round the cities of the world and I also like street art, or graffiti as some might call it. I though this one titled, Excuse my Depression, it has a mind of its own, was quite relevant. This is [...]

Band on the Wall, Manchester

Band on the Wall, Manchester music venue The Band on the Wall is one of Manchester longest serving music venues with over two centuries of musical history. From the original George and Dragon public house to todays vibrant music venue. The Band on the Wall gets its unusual name from when as The George and [...]

Vimto Sculpture Manchester

Vimto Sculpture, Vimto Park, Manchester I've walked up and down Sackville street on many occasions and never noticed the Vimto Sculpture in Vimto Park, Manchester. Located just off Granby Row in front of the Sackville Street Building now part of the University of Manchester site. Sitting in between the Sackville Street Building and the railway [...]

Archimedes Statue, Manchester

Archimedes Eureka Moment Statue The Archimedes Statue, Manchester sits under the railway arches in between Granby Row and Altringham Street, close to Barnes Wallis Building at Manchester Universityis this life size statue of Archimedes  leaping out from a bath during his famous 'Eureka!' moment. Unveiled in 1990, the sculpture is by Thompson Dagnall and is [...]

The Salisbury pub near Oxford Road Station

The Salisbury Pub, Oxford Road, Manchester The Salisbury pub, Manchester is a ale house is located just off Oxford road close to the entrance to Manchester's Oxford Road Train Station. Its a rock and roll themed public house with great atmosphere and The Salisbury pub is well worth a visit even if its just to [...]

Lass O’ Gowrie pub, Manchester

Lass O' Gowrie pub, Charles Street, Manchester One of the great Free Houses of Manchester city. The Lass O' Gowrie pub, Manchester at 36 Charles Street, Manchester, M1 7DB. Amazing pub with real ale in an olde worlde pub feeling. Love the place and its affectionately known as "The Lass". Location Map Photo date: 20th [...]

Emily Pankhurst Statue, Manchester

Emily Pankhurst Statue, St Peters Square, Manchester The Emily Pankhurst Statue, Manchester is a statue of the late British political activist and leader of the suffragette movement, Emmeline Pankhurst. Located in St Peter's Square, Post Code, M2 3DN. The Statue is located in a corner of St Peter's Square close to Wagamama and The Anthologist [...]

LGBTQ+ Community Bee in Sackville Street Gardens, Manchester

LGBTQ+ Community Bee in Sackville Street Gardens, Manchester The LGBTQ+ bee in Sackville Street gardens in the heart if the gay village in Manchester. Croudfunded and paid for by many local businesses from the Canal street area who's names can be found on the base of the statue. I the background is the statue of [...]

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