My Weight Loss Journey

This is my weight loss journey. My weights at various times along with what i’ve been doing and how its affecting me.

Starting weight: 20 stone 4 lbs
(August 2019)

Current weight: 16 stone 8 lbs
(13th September 2020)

Argh! its gone up. Still I have eaten like a pig the past few weeks

Target weight: 15 stone
(October 2020)

I have been over 19 stone for over 20 years and because of my mental state I have comfort eaten a lot in the past. I’ve drunk lots as well! Neither are great!

Because I am much more happier since I came out, I now look after myself so much better these days. I want to lose weight, not just for my health but also for my mental stability.

In September last year I sat myself down and battled a few internal demons to get to where I am today. I haven’t been on some wonder diet, Keto (no), Aitkins (no), Grapefruit (blurgh!) or others.

What I have done is more mental than physical and now I only eat when hungry and this somedays might be 4 times a day. Other days it might just be once.

I’ve also learnt portion control.

Fuck, in the past I have sat and eaten massive amounts of food in one sitting and some days I would eat the largest thing the eatery I was visiting served and still have room for pudding!

Its not been plain sailing and on a few occassions I have gone to places i’ve eaten in the past and ordered their massive breakfast but then stuggled to eat even half of it as my stomach just cant take the volume it once used to devour! I once went to MuckDonalds and ate 8 quarter pounds! 8, these days I stuggle to eat one as I honeslty think the box they come in has more taste.

Portion control has been my main weapon as i’ve not avoided specific foods while i’ve been on this quest. I hesitate to call it a diet as its just so not. If I want ice cream I have it, just dont eat a full tub 😀

I’ll post up pictures soon as I want to get to my target weight before I start posting pictures up.

So far I’ve gone from a size 24 to a size 18!

I’ve also found out from the Doctors that at my last annual checkout in March 2019 I was 21 stone 6 lbs!!!!!!!


1 comment on “My Weight Loss Journey

  1. Anna says:

    Not having seen you since November it was instantly recognisable how much weight you have lost hun. Keep on being fantastic, you deserve it.

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