Mikki’s Personal Bits Blog.

Sometimes I write and those things are either personal to me or dont fit into other categories. Welcome to Mikki’s personal bits blog page.

All you do is play!

Some people have commented to me in the past couple of days that all I do is play, all I do is go in to Manchester and get drunk. Well unless you know the backstory to my life then firstly “fuck you” and secondly “it’s none of your business, so fuck you”. Thirdly you only […]

Thank you everyone. Your love is amazing!

On the 8th of September 2020 I told all my friends, old and new, via the medium of Facebook and Youtube, that I was transgender, and I was absolutely overwhelmed by the wonderful comments and messages I have received since. I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you everybody. To […]

Professional Photos from Woolton Hall Photoshoot

Professional photo from Born UK photoshoot day at Woolton Hall near Speke, Liverpool. These are potos of me, Mikki Tiamo.

Selfies from Professional Photoshoot day

These are a selection of the Selfies I took at Woolton Hall on September 6th 2020. I had my makeup done by Vic Marley. Photos

A look inside Woolton Hall

On the 6th September I was lucyk enough to take part in a photoshoot with Born UK at Woolton Hall near Speke, Liverpool. This was a photo shoot with professional Make up artists and Photographers and as soon as I have the pro photos i’ll post them up. Heres some of my selfies. For those […]

A and E for me. Yep, Stupid me

On 29th August I came home and within 10 minutes I’d be doubled up on the floor, Yep, A and E for me. Let me tell you what happened and you can either laugh or cry. I’ve been out and about on Friday and Saturday as it should have been Manchester pride this weekend. As […]

test post

Test postie post

Mums ill!

Yesterday’s phone call from mum was a heart wrenched and has killed me a little inside! This year hasn’t been kind to my family withy father’s death and struggling to get over this with lockdown because of coronavirus. It’s meant we haven’t been able to be together as much and we:be both struggled to get […]

Sunday morning, off to church

A little poem about church. Wakey wakey, It’s Sunday morn, Church bells ring, Service a calling. Rushing now, I’m gonna late, Bells still ring, Passing the gates. Enter church, Dothing my hat, Sit thee down, A happy lass. Sermon starting, Priest speaks aloud, Words of God, Congregation listen, nod. Singing aloud, Godly, pleasant songs, All […]

Dont care what you think about me

I don’t care what you think about me. Or your perception, of what you think I might be. I don’t care if you think that I’m weird. I don’t care if you think I am strange. Because what you don’t see, is the mental anguish and pain. All the bitterness of whats inside, thats made […]

My Weight Loss Journey

This is my weight loss journey. My weights at various times along with what i’ve been doing and how its affecting me. Starting weight: 20 stone 4 lbs (August 2019) Current weight: 16 stone 8 lbs (13th September 2020) Argh! its gone up. Still I have eaten like a pig the past few weeks Target […]

My thoughts on the postponement of Manchester Pride 2020

Just let me say before I even start my rant that I am hyper, hyper pissed off that this has been cancelled but taking my selfish hat off I realise that with the current situation with Coronavirus the event can’t go ahead. I know its such a shame but hopefully I can get everything i’ve […]

Why do you treat me so bad

This was written as a quick poem to a woman I once loved. Why do you treat me so bad Although I love you like mad, All you do is treat me bad, And every single word you say, Is like a knife which takes away, My heart and soul, the life in me, Eroded […]

Happier now I’ve embraced Mikki

At Manchester Pride 2019 I had my born again experience and I wanted to write about it as it’s fundamentally changed my life. First this was for the worst and secondly for the better. Let me explain what happened and then why it changed my life and how it has fundentally changed me as a […]

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