Professional Photos from Woolton Hall Photoshoot

If you follow my blog, (If you dont why not?), you might have seen my selfies from professional photoshoot at Woolton Hall. This was at a photoshoot day on the 6th Spetember 2020, with Born UK. Well here are the some of the professional photos taken from that day and I absolutely love them so, thank you to Born UK and all the team who made the photo shoot day really enjoyable..

First of all, this is my favourite photograph and and it was more of a candid shot than an actual planned shot. I was just messing around and the photographer took a couple of snaps but actually it’s turned out to be one of my favourite photographs of me ever.

Secondly is this photograph, taken by Nick Heaton, and is a murder mystery type shot, with the rationale being that I’ve just done somebody in (killed them), and I’m leaving the scene of the crime mortified that I’ve just killed somebody.

Leavng the scene of the crime.

The third photo is again another great photograph, and it’s just me au-natural and not staged at all. Obviously in this shot I am smiling whereas in the next shot I’m being a little more enigmatic.

This fifth shot what was again taken by Nick Heaton. Taken in a room less than sanitary as pigeons had actually got into this room. I love the angle of this shot and my little smiley face. I’d opted to put my coat on because the temperature in Woolton Hall all was quite cold and at this point I was actually shivering despite it being a lovely sunny day outside.

The final shot was actually the first photograph that was taken and it was just after I had my makeup put on by Vic Marley and I still had my hair tied up. I really love the way that this looks as this is actually how I wear my hair most of the time. Yes, That is my real hair!

Again thank you to all at Woolton Hall and Born UK for a great day out and I look forward to the next photoshoot day hopefully it wll be in better conditions and without the Covid bollocks we’re all dealing with at the moment.

Dress by Roman Originals, Shoes from Ebay, Adrian Tights from Tights City and Ear Rings and necklace from my mum 🙂

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