Sunday morning, off to church

A little poem about church.

Wakey wakey,
It’s Sunday morn,
Church bells ring,
Service a calling.

Rushing now,
I’m gonna late,
Bells still ring,
Passing the gates.

Enter church,
Dothing my hat,
Sit thee down,
A happy lass.

Sermon starting,
Priest speaks aloud,
Words of God,
Congregation listen, nod.

Singing aloud,
Godly, pleasant songs,
All standing up,
Everyone sings along.

Hymm’s end,
Sit thee down,
Vicor addresses flock,
God’s greatest hits.

Biblical stories,
Matthew, Luke, John,
Tales of history,
Possible fictional tales.

Today’s special,
A metaphorical tale,
Jonah the man,
Inside a whale.

Jonah disobedient,
Eaten by a whale,
Lived for 3 days
Alive to tell the tale.

Sermon aclosing,
Collection plate passed,
Fumble in pockets,
A pennance passed.

Church bells,
Ring once more,
Over the town,
Peel out loud.

Vicor stands,
Outside the door,
Thanking his flock,
Wage-slaves once more.

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