Transgender vs Transexual vs Transvestite

Transgender vs Transexual vs Transvestite

I’ve been asked what the difference between these are many times now, so heres a quick definition of each, Transgender vs Transexual vs Transvestite.


Transgender is a gender identity or expression that differs from the sex given at birth but have no desire to transition to the gender they identify as.


Transsexual people have a gender identity that differs from the gender assigned at birth and desire to permanently transition to the sex or gender to which they identify. This usually requires medical intervention (such as sex reassignment therapies. From hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and gender reassignment surgery (GRS)). Depending on which direction the person wishes to transition depends on the type of surgery required.


People, typically men, who get pleasure from dressing in clothes primarily associated with the opposite sex.


A person of either sex who wears the clothing of the opposite sex. This is not considered sexual but is different to transexualism because the cross dresser enjoys the clothing and does not identify or desire to change sex.

“I wear those clothes because I like how they look”

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